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Download the latest MiKTeX version at [1]

I use Texmaker as GUI [2]

Minimal Latex Document

\documentclass[11pt, onecolumn, a4paper]{article}
 minimal latex template

Additional Latex Packages

You can load additional latex packages with the command \usepackage{packagename}. If the package is not installed Texmaker will ask you to download it when you click PDFLaTex.

  • With \usepackage{fancyhdr} you can add a header or footnote to you document by including the code

\pagestyle{fancy} \lhead{} %left header \chead{} %center header \rhead{} %right header \lfoot{} \cfoot{} \rfoot{\thepage} %includes the page number to footnote

  • If you use mathematical forumlas include the package


  • The package 'amssymb' provides you with a range of useful symbols amssymbols (\usepackage{amssymb})
\documentclass[11pt, onecolumn, a4paper]{article}
 \eta_{int}=\frac{ \overline{\langle P^2 \rangle - \langle P \rangle^2}}{ \left( \overline{\langle P \rangle} \right)^2}
 \end{align} \\
 \mathbb{N}, \rightleftarrows
  • Use \usepackage[a4paper, left=2.5cm, right=2.5cm, top=3cm, bottom=3.5cm]{geometry} to determine borders of your pages
  • If you want to include pictures you need \usepackage{graphicx} and the code
   \caption{Awesome Image}

Copy the pictures in the same folder as you latex document. Sometimes the picture position is adjusted automatically; usually you want to determine the position yourslef. The package \usepackage{float} forces the picture position to where you want it - just change \begin{figure}[H].

  • Language packages \usepackage[english]{babel}
  • Change your font so sans serif with \renewcommand*\familydefault{\sfdefault}